TAB 2019–20

Zoom grid with TAB 2019-2020 members
TAB members from left to right, top to bottom: Linneth Márquez, Sejin Park and Pam Reyes (teaching artists), Sirce Guevara, Noelle Salaun, Railyn Calderon, Melanie Marin, Dylan Salaun, Sui Liu, Tamara Bueno, Zeynep Torgut, Luis Vasquez, Sebastian Barreto, Cassandra Depeiza

For the 2019–2020 year, The Noguchi Museum’s Teen Advisory Board [TAB] prioritized self-care during their meetings when the COVID-19 outbreak occurred. They chose artworks and writing by Isamu Noguchi, and created personal interpretations of these works. They also created the following collaged artwork inspired by their interpretations, sharing personal reminders and ways to cope with stress and anxiety during this difficult time. Read more about their work by following @NoguchiCreate on Instagram or download this PDF with their artist statements.