TAB 2007–08

TAB 2007-2008
TAB Members: Valentina Burzanovic, Kendra Danowski, Carolina Fung Feng, Paulina Gorczyn, Maria Kozanecka, Yvette Ramirez, Jenny Tang, and Tiffany Win

The 2007–08 Teen Advisory Board organized three different projects throughout the year. In November, TAB organized an interactive activity for INterpret, where participants collaborated with guest artist Harumi Ori to create mural art. TAB also hosted inSIGHT: A Workshop For Teens Interested in Pursuing the Arts, a panel discussion for high school students in which arts professionals spoke about their experiences in the field. As well, TAB documented the Tree of Heaven project at The Noguchi Museum. When a dying 60-foot-tall Ailanthus altissima “Tree of Heaven” was cut down in the garden, the Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop was commissioned to rework the wood into benches and sculptures for the Museum. From this documentation, TAB was invited to present their findings to the Neighborhood Public Radio project, an artist collective showing at the 2008 Whitney Biennial. TAB also created a reception event for their Tree of Heaven project, which included photos, audio material, and a scrapbook highlighting their journey. To celebrate a year of hard work, TAB attended a trip to Flux Factory, a local Queens community art space, with INsight panelist and artist Kerry Downey. Throughout the year, TAB updated their blog to reflect on going projects and activities.