Art for Families Online

Art for Families Online

Connect with family and friends, both near and far, through Art for Families Online. Engage in conversations about art, and then create artwork together using materials found in the home. This live 45-minute program is for families with children ages 5–11. Program cost is $5 per family. Registration encourages multiple family members to join from different locations.

Programs are free for members at the Family level and above, and for Cool Culture families. Participants should have access to a computer, smart phone, or tablet with a microphone and internet access.

Resources for Families
Activity Guides

Free activity guides are available at the Museum entrance in English, Spanish, and Japanese. Guides can also be downloaded and printed:

Family Guide in English

Family Guide in Spanish (Español)

Family Guide in Japanese (日本語)

FAQ for Families Visiting the Museum

Why can’t we touch the art in the Museum?
While the sculptures look very durable, our hands and fingertips contain oils that leave a dirty residue, which causes damage to the art. Attendants at the front desk will give your child a sticker to remind them to look with their eyes and never with their hands. 

Can I bring a stroller into the galleries?
Yes, strollers for young children are encouraged. We occasionally have exhibitions that prohibit strollers if the artwork is too sensitive. 

Is there a place to eat at the Museum?
Out of an abundance of caution during the coronavirus pandemic, the Cafe and drinking fountains are temporarily closed until further notice. We encourage all visitors to bring their own water. Food and drinks are not permitted in the galleries or garden.

Are there changing tables at the Museum?
Yes, a changing table is available in the family-friendly, unisex restroom on the first floor of the Museum. 

Can I take photos of my family at the Museum?
Absolutely, photography without a flash is encouraged. However, the Museum does not allow commercial shoots. 

Can we draw in the galleries?
Yes, drawing in the galleries with graphite or colored pencils is encouraged. Pens are not allowed in the galleries.