TAB 2018–19

TAB 2018-2019_Katherine Abbott
TAB Members: Karen Alban, Alessandro Colacito, Federico Esteves, Noah Harvey, Huihui Jiang, Madeline Jhun, Artemis Motamed, Aneesa Razak, Noelle Salaun, Melissa Sanchez, Carmen Sandoval, and Zeynep Torgut

The 2018-19 Teen Advisory Board created Onwards, a community-based public art project installed in Rainey Park, Long Island City (LIC), Queens, in collaboration with LIC Partnership and NYC Parks and Recreation. At the start of the year, TAB learned about Isamu Noguchi’s public art, and discussed how his work was experimental, interactive, and accessible. Afterwards, they explored the project through their identities as young adults living in New York City by reflecting on their personal experiences with inequity. This motivated them to design a social justice centered project where they could create a dialogue with members of the LIC community. TAB wrote three questions to ask to the public:

  • Could you share a time when you helped someone who was disadvantaged?
  • How have these experiences shaped your opinions about inequity in society?
  • How will you confront these injustices moving forward?

Having interviewed over 100 community members in libraries, community centers, museums, and their own schools, TAB members curated twenty-six summarized stories that describe thoughts and actions towards building an equitable future. Hung along the entire fence at Rainey Park for six months, Onwards was celebrated with a reception following the day-long installation.