TAB 2012–13

TAB 2012 2013
TAB Members: Kevin Banos, Jaire Berkel, Alexandra Blankenhorn, Hope Calderon, Kaitlin Davis, Michelle Kim, Beatrice Lee, Gabriella Leong, Jordan Merizalde, Meagan Mitchell, Tatyana Palcios, and Brittney Rios

The 2012–13 Teen Advisory Board self-published the Book Project, a book that documented their experiences at The Noguchi Museum that year with museum staff interviews, quotes from Noguchi, drawings, comics, poetry, and written pieces. Throughout the year TAB focused on how museums tell narratives with objects, paying close attention to the different ways museums value many perspectives. They visited the Brooklyn Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Museum of Modern Art to understand different ways museums educate the public. Teens observed how museum departments—such as conservation, curatorial, and education—work to support a cultural institution, particularly at The Noguchi Museum, through meetings and workshops with Staff members. They also learned about object conservation through trips to the Art Conservation Group at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and JD Paper Conservation, as well as a workshop on deacidification baths. TAB also met with members of the Y. Dot Youth Docent Program of No Longer Empty, an arts organization that supports public art in NYC, to go on a tour of How Much Do I Owe You?. TAB members received a comprehensive view of the behind-the-scenes work of museums and combined their skills and interests to produce a reflective document on their time at The Noguchi Museum