TAB 2016–17

TAB 2016-2017_Katherine Abbott
TAB Members: Jarline Almonte, Charlotte Calmer, Aislinn Feldberg, Alfredo Gomez, Wendy Guallpa, Danielle Gutkovich, Giacomo Lorino, Alexandra Montana, Emily Nugent, Ana Ramos, Robb Valentine, and Madeline Warshaw 

The 2016–17 Teen Advisory Board organized the Akari Teen Event, focusing on Noguchi’s experience as an American artist of Japanese heritage. Using Akari as a symbol of Noguchi’s dual-identity, high school students were invited to create lanterns that shared something about their own identity. The event featured an Akari making workshop and installation space, video projections, a free draw wall activity, snacks, and an Akari scavenger hunt through special exhibition Solid Doubts: Robert Stadler at The Noguchi Museum. Throughout the year, TAB members participated in activities to learn about the work of Isamu Noguchi and the behind-the-scenes aspects of museum operations. For instance, they met with Museum staff members, took part in a stone-carving workshop to learn about Noguchi’s sculpting process, and visited his 10th street studio. TAB also went on off-site visits to other museums, such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, where they attended Open Studio For Teens on the first day of the Biennial.