TAB 2009–10

TAB 2009-2010
TAB Members: Gisbel Acosta, Theresa Beltrani, Karen Campos, Kendra Ellis, Laura Estrada, Deisy Flores, Juliana Guiterrez, Denisse Rivera, Monique Romney

The 2009–10 Teen Advisory Board organized the event INterpret: Express Yourself. High school students were invited to The Noguchi Museum for a conversation and sculpture workshop with guest artist Allyson Vieira on the topic of “creation out of destruction.” This subject came directly from Noguchi’s commentary on his piece The Big Bang (1978): “I have been graced with occasions when creation out of destruction has been palpably evoked before my eyes.” Participants learned about Vieira’s work, which centers on the theme of “separating material from itself”, and made works of art using wax to explore the reductive sculptural process. The event also featured guided tours by TAB members and activities to interpret Noguchi’s art together. Throughout the year, TAB explored the theme of “identity” through gallery tours and workshops making artwork based on analysis of Noguchi’s work. For their INsight project, TAB members were involved in advising the Museum on the design of a new teen programs webpage, using their expertise to influence how high school students would view the Museum and expand TAB’s identity. In the spring, TAB attended a field trip to the Bronx Museum of the Arts to meet with The Bronx Teen Council, who shared their zines and provided a guided museum tour, as well as the Whitney Museum of American Art, where they met with Ari Marcopoulos, a photo and film artist showing at the 2010 Whitney Biennial. TAB was also given the opportunity to visit Noguchi’s 10th street studio and volunteer at the Museum’s public programs, giving them a chance to expand not only their own knowledge of the Isamu Noguchi, but of all museum visitors’.