TAB 2015–16

TAB 2015-2016_Katherine Abbott
TAB Members: Kay-Lynn Castaneda, Xueting Chen, Brittany D’sa, Emily Gan, Cristina Hleah, Lydia Ho, Hannah Kildoyle, Jeffrey Ravon LeGrande, Kainat Meer, Kendra White, Maya Wu, and Rita Wu

The 2015–16 Teen Advisory Board organized the Teen Tea Ceremony, inspired by special exhibition Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony. Employing the ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony, TAB worked towards creating a personal space of reflection and serenity for high school students during this special event. To learn about Tom Sachs’s unique approach to the tea ceremony, TAB members were invited to meet with Sachs in his studio. They also met with guest artist and tea expert Johnny Fogg to learn about the process of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. For the event, TAB invited high school students to the Museum to design their own personalized tea bowls and take part in a TAB led tea ceremony. In addition to tea ceremony, TAB members learned about the behind the scenes work of an art institution and how they could create an environment for their peers at The Noguchi Museum. TAB members were exposed to the different departments within the Museum through meetings with staff members such as Shannon Murphy (Education), George Juergens (Facilities Director) and Jenny Dixon (Museum Director). TAB was also given the opportunity to engage in activities around Noguchi’s work through sketching, discussion, and art making. They also explored special exhibition Museum of Stones. Site visits included a tour of Noguchi’s 10th street studio and participation in the Whitney Museum Teen Event: Collected.