School Programs & Partnerships


In the spirit of Noguchi’s artistic vision, education programs at The Noguchi Museum encourage exploration and discovery while honoring diversity, thereby affirming the value of each individual’s unique interpretations.

School Visits

School tours at The Noguchi Museum are available to students in grades Pre-K through 12, and are inquiry-based, exploratory experiences. Tours last approximately one hour, and stop at 3 works of art. Additionally, The Noguchi Museum offers Tour and Workshop Programs, in which students visit the galleries and participate in a related hands-on art making workshop.

All tours are designed to promote careful observation and critical thinking, skills essential in the arts as well as across the curriculum. In addition, these programs challenge students to share ideas and listen closely to others. Our tours support both New York State and Common Core Standards.

Watch a video about what to expect during your visit.

Cost and Reservation Information
Please plan to schedule your visit 4-6 weeks in advance as time slots are limited. Please note, the Museum does not allow outside lecturers; teachers who opt to book a group visit without a guided tour may give their students information or activities that students can do independently or in pairs during their visit. This option is available to high school students only. 

Reservations are required for all groups. The maximum size for a school group is 30 students or one class. A one-time visit to the Museum is free for all New York City public school classes. For independent schools, or those outside of New York City, the fee for a guided tour is $150 per class of up to 30 students. Up to five adults may accompany the group free of charge. Groups interested in participating in a hands-on art making workshop following their guided tours may do so for an additional fee of $100 per class (up to 30 students). For more information please email [email protected] or call 718.204.7088 ext 203.

Add a Pre-visit or a Post-visit workshop with a Noguchi Educator
A Noguchi Educator can come to your classroom before a Museum visit to prepare students, or after your visit to extend the art experience. Pre- and post-visits are planned by educators in response to the tour theme selected, and the information you share about your students and their classroom curriculum.

Pre- and post-visits are 45 minutes. The cost for each is $150 for one class, $200 for two classes (45 minutes per class). Pre- and post-visits must be booked at the same time as your tour. For more information please email [email protected] or call 718.204.7088 ext 203.  

Tour Themes

When booking a tour, we ask that teachers select one theme, and tell us about their motivation for the visit. These selections help guide educators in planning and facilitating an experience for your students.  

All of our tours include approximately three stops, with a discussion at each stop. While we appreciate that often visitors like to see as much of the Museum as possible, we feel it is more important to offer students the opportunity for careful looking and critical thinking, in a context of extended conversation around each object. 

Artists’ Choices (all grades)
Throughout his career, Isamu Noguchi drew inspiration from a variety of sources, including nature, materials, travel, and culture. During this tour, students will focus on the creative process of the artist, interpreting art through close observation and contextual information.

What is Sculpture? (all grades)
Noguchi wrote, “I am ever mindful of the notion that to discover or rediscover the true meaning of sculpture, the experience of sculpture has to be expanded.” Younger students on this tour explore the concept of sculpture as a three dimensional object. Older students consider a wider range of possibilities, looking at objects and environments not traditionally considered “sculpture.”

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Mining Art: Basalt, Granite, Marble (all grades)
Students will look at the sculptures of Isamu Noguchi through the lens of geology. They will learn about the different natural properties of the materials Noguchi worked with while exploring the differences between nature’s marks and the artist’s mark on stone.

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Abstraction (grades 3–12)
Noguchi worked closely with materials and processes to create art that wasn’t representational or based on an external reality. During this tour, students will create a working definition of abstraction and consider how abstract art can convey meaning.

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Sense of Self and Art (grades 3–12)
Noguchi considered himself an “artist, American citizen, world citizen, belonging anywhere but nowhere.” During this tour, students will learn about Noguchi’s biography, interests, and communities, creating connections to art and their own personal, evolving sense of self.

A Closer Look (grades 9–12)
Although the average museum visitor spend two seconds in front of a work of art, understanding a work of art takes much longer. This tour offers high school students the opportunity to experience how an artwork unfolds through extended conversation. After approximately 40 minutes discussing a single work of art, students are given time and an assignment to explore the Museum on their own.

School Partnerships

The Noguchi Museum is committed to working with local schools on programs for students, teachers, and families. The Museum offers a range of partnership programs, each developed in collaboration with partnering schools. If you are interested in discussing ways in which The Noguchi Museum might collaborate with your school, please call 718.204.7088 ext 205. 

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