Co / Series One

Co is an ongoing series of collaborative incense, objects and music inspired by the Japanese aesthetic practice of Koh-do, and the process of “listening to incense.” The aim of the project, created by Folie À Plusieurs’ Kaya Sorhaindo, is to inspire a modern appreciation for incense, and to promote a new cultural ritual of pause through the interplay of music and scent.

Series One is a collaboration between Kyoto-based incense maker Kungyokudo (founded in 1594) and four artists courtesy of the London-based record label, Erased TapesHatis NoitMasayoshi FujitaDaniel ThorneRival Consoles—and the performance artist and electronic musician Rosa Anschütz. Each artist has created a song in response to one of the five scents, and all five songs are available to download upon purchase.

Additionally, Sruli Recht has designed “ŌMNI” for the project, a quartz sand platform that is a monument for burn-affected listening, a memory device, a presence touchstone…and sometimes a memorial to a heightened and unseeable future.⠀

The collection is available to buy in-person exclusively at the Museum, and online via Galerie Folie.

Sruli Recht, ŌMNI

Sruli Recht, ŌMNI

Photography: Marinó Thorlacius
Video Edit: Raphael Recht ⠀
Sound Design: Valgeir Sigurðsson

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