The Brother In Elysium

Jon Beacham of The Brother In Elysium setting metal letterpress type with a composing stick in...

The Brother In Elysium is a publishing imprint and studio run by artist Jon Beacham, based in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The press issues handmade books presenting artwork and writings, with recurring themes of self-determination, search for community, sense of place, and dialogues across time.

Beacham has been a bookseller and also works in photography, collage, and 16mm film. Through making books—setting metal letterpress type, printing on a Vandercook press, and hand binding—the materials, imagery, and rituals from these other practices also find a venue and emerge in new forms.

The Noguchi Museum has collaborated with The Brother In Elysium to co-publish handmade letterpress books collecting writings by Isamu Noguchi with related images and archival materials: I Become a Nisei (2020 / 2022) and Conversations with Isamu Noguchi (2022). The Shop is pleased to also offer these other books from the press: Ideal Forms of Vanishing (2021) by Herbert Pföstl, A Symbol of Constancy: Works on Paper by Jon Beacham (2020), and A Measure of Silence (2017).

Available in person in the Shop. For more information on currently available works, please email

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