Hyung Jun Kim and Seo Seok Man

Hyung Jun Kim and Seo Seok Man

Hyung Jun Kim and Seo Seok Man are ceramic artists and founders of THR Ceramic Studio in Seoul. In addition to managing the space for other artists and courses, both focus on individual practices that push aspects of traditional Korean culture into radical new directions.

Hyung’s evocative Dogabi, based on the mythological figure of the Dokkaebi, finds the figures in equal parts menacing and playful, their scowling faces sculpted into the sides of vases and other objects embellished with gold and jewels.

Seo’s intricately hand-painted Naldak vases, whose roosters resemble the Korea-originated Jangmigye bird, broadly reflect the symbolic meaning of the animal as a good omen, but imbues them with their own personalities: proud, bored, in-love, mischievous, sometimes seemingly even annoyed at their own existence on a vase.

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