Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Chen Chen and Kai Williams in their studio
Chen Chen and Kai Williams. Courtesy CCKW Studio

Chen Chen & Kai Williams is a design studio that explores materials and new ways to use them. The studio invents new techniques and materials or diverts common industrial supplies to off-label applications. Chen Chen and Kai Williams met while attending the Pratt Institute and founded the company in New York City in 2011.

The Museum is pleased to sell smaller objects designed by the duo, including the stainless steel Serpent Lighter Holder and Serpent Bottle Opener; and Nugget Keychains, which repurpose cut-off remnants from larger projects as colorful epoxy-dipped functional objects, each of which is unique. Collectible Design works represented by The Future Perfect.

Works by Chen Chen & Kai Williams are available only in person at the Museum Shop. For more information, contact

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