Architectural model Noguchi + Pratt 2024

Noguchi + Pratt 2024

May 9, 2024 – May 26, 2024

In the tenth year of collaboration with The Noguchi Museum, the MFA 1st Year Design Studio in the Department of Interior Design at Pratt Institute asked students to draw inspiration from Isamu Noguchi’s work and his famous collaborators.

This spring, students proposed a hypothetical renovation of the Museum’s main building, featuring design elements that “Re-envision the Museum Experience.” Aside from the primary exhibition space, the proposal emphasizes small immersive spaces and laboratory chambers, where visitors can learn about Isamu Noguchi’s work from various sensorial vantage points. 

The exhibition space hosts a hypothetical show called “PEACE: TOGETHER,” which explores Noguchi’s own approach to peace as a Japanese American and that of many of his collaborators. This exercise reflects on current affairs and shares a message towards today’s humanity at large. 

This project focuses on inclusive designs and challenges the status quo of the museum experience as ocular-centric activity. While providing unique and immersive experiences, the design always integrates sustainable design principles (materials, indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency of the building and exhibit).

The students’ work is on view to the public in the Museum’s Education Studio (Level C) from May 9–26, 3:30–5:30 pm.

Ziwen Cheng, Hannah Hemmerly, Wenda Song, Denise Turati, Zixu Wang, Ariel Wei, Kefei Xiao, Zhe Zhai, Jessie Zhao, Lili Zhu

Tetsu Ohara, Adjunct Associate Professor, CCE