Portrait bust of composer George Gershwin, in a dark colored bronze
Isamu Noguchi, George Gershwin, 1929. Bronze. © INFGM / ARS
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Seen and Unseen

Thursday, March 14, 2024
2:30 pm–4 pm

This program is for adults who are blind or have low vision. Seen and Unseen is a series of free virtual tours that illuminate Isamu Noguchi’s art through verbal description and engaging conversation. 

This month, join us for an exploration of Isamu Noguchi’s portrait busts and sculptures inspired by Jazz Age composers, singers, and dancers that he befriended.

Seen and Unseen tours are free with RSVP and are offered remotely on Zoom. To register for the program and receive a Zoom link or dial-in phone number for the virtual tour, please email education@noguchi.org or call 718.204.7088 ext 203.

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