Workshop, Free, Offsite

Socrates x Noguchi Field Guide: Exploring a “New Nature”

Saturday, May 28, 2022
11 am–1 pm

“The nature of trees and grass is one thing. But there are many degrees of nature. Interstellar spaces are also nature. There is human nature. In the city, you have to have a new nature. Maybe you have to create that nature.” Isamu Noguchi 

Join Noguchi educator Luned Palmer in a poetry writing workshop at nearby Socrates Sculpture Park. Discuss Isamu Noguchi’s sculptures that integrate technology and nature, and then use the urban and natural surroundings of Socrates Sculpture Park to inspire poetry about a “new nature.” All ages welcome; no previous writing experience is necessary. All participants will be given a free pass to visit The Noguchi Museum after the workshop.

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