View of History Mexico in Abelardo L. Rodríguez Market. A frieze in painted cement covers all walls...
Isamu Noguchi, History Mexico, Abelardo L. Rodríguez Market, Mexico City, 1936. Photo: Rafael Gamo. ©INFGM / ARS
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Archives Deep Dive: Isamu Noguchi’s History Mexico

Wednesday, March 17, 2021
1 pm–2 pm

Alex Ross, Managing Editor, The Isamu Noguchi Catalogue Raisonné, presents a talk exploring the creation of Isamu Noguchi’s monumental sculptural frieze, History Mexico (1936). Located on an upper landing of the Abelardo L. Rodríguez Market in the historic center of Mexico City, History Mexico is Noguchi’s first realized public artwork, predating his iconic News for the Associated Press Building in Rockefeller Center. The presentation will reveal new research into this significant period of Noguchi’s career, when his own artistic interests found dramatic expression through the themes of the Mexican muralist movement, and resulted in him creating one of the great anti-fascist works of the century.

The lecture will last approximately 45 minutes, with time afterwards for questions and comments. Live closed captioning is provided. Program times listed are EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). Please send any questions to