Three views of the Noguchi Museum mobile guide showing artworks in Area 2 (garden) and map of the...

Mobile Guide on Bloomberg Connects

Explore The Noguchi Museum, both remotely and while visiting, with our free mobile guide available on the Bloomberg Connects app. The guide is kept up to date with all artworks and exhibitions on view, and will continue to expand with more multimedia content.

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As part of this initiative, Bloomberg Philanthropies is generously supporting an initial phase of assessment, stabilization, and select digitization of the Museum’s audiovisual holdings, many of which are housed on obsolete film and audio formats and are in dire need of preservation. This project, when completed, will make rare footage and audio of Isamu Noguchi at work, giving lectures, visiting project sites, and more, available to the public for the very first time as part of the digital Isamu Noguchi Archive and integrated with the mobile guide.

Isamu Noguchi with his sculpture 'The Big Bang'
‘History of The Noguchi Museum,’ one of 13 new video tours exclusive to the guide.
Narration by Brett Littman, Director of The Noguchi Museum.
Directed by Alex Meillier, Produced by Ager Meillier Films Inc.
Footage from the film Isamu Noguchi, 1972, directed by Michael Blackwood
Courtesy of Michael Blackwood Productions