Noguchi Museum mobile guide, showing guide page for Noguchi’s Double Red Mountain
Photo: Bloomberg Philanthropies. ©INFGM / ARS

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Explore The Noguchi Museum with our mobile guide on Bloomberg Connects, the free arts and culture app. The mobile guide takes you behind the scenes at the Museum with exclusive multimedia perspectives from artists, curators, and more. Use the app to plan your visit, then easily access helpful insights on site. Afterward, dive deeper into your favorite works at home—or anywhere, anytime.

Search for or scroll to “Noguchi Museum” to start planning your visit. When you arrive, look for the Bloomberg Connects magnifying glass icon on the gallery guides and enter the lookup number on each artwork to learn more. And don’t forget to bring your headphones.


Featured on our Bloomberg Connects guide:

Area Tours
Explore the The Noguchi Museum’s permanent installation area-by-area in this series of video tours.

Explore the Collection
As the artist’s estate, the Museum holds the world’s most extensive collection of Isamu Noguchi’s sculptures, drawings, models, and designs. Learn more about these works from Noguchi’s own writings from The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum (1987) and other sources.

Noguchi Worldwide
Discover Isamu Noguchi’s public spaces, including parks, playgrounds, and gardens, with exclusive new and archival video and audio clips.


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As part of this initiative, Bloomberg Philanthropies has generously supported the assessment, stabilization, and digitization of the Isamu Noguchi Archive’s Multimedia Collection. This trove of film footage, video, and audio recordings of Isamu Noguchi at work, giving lectures, visiting project sites, and more, comprises the final series within the artist’s archive which has been digitized and made accessible to the public in a multiyear project.

Isamu Noguchi with his sculpture 'The Big Bang'
‘History of The Noguchi Museum,’ one of 13 video tours available in the mobile guide.
Narration by Brett Littman, Director of The Noguchi Museum.
Directed by Alex Meillier, Produced by Ager Meillier Films Inc.
Footage from the film Isamu Noguchi, 1972, directed by Michael Blackwood
Courtesy of Michael Blackwood Productions
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