Making Your Mark 2019 Exhibition

Friday, August 9, 2019 - 5:00pm - Sunday, August 11, 2019 - 6:00pm

Making Your Mark 2019 Exhibition
Opening Reception, August 9, 5-7 pm

Participants in this year’s Making Your Mark, The Noguchi Museum’s summer program for high school students, considered Exploration in art. With this lens they investigated themes in Isamu Noguchi’s work such as tradition, abstraction, identity, and shaping space with sculptural materials. Throughout the program artists reflected on their conscious and subconscious, making choices through focused journaling exercises.

As the program progressed, the artists focused on creating works of art that merged recurring personal themes with a material and process that they were most interested in investigating. On view in the exhibition are examples of work produced during the program’s first four weeks, along with participants’ final independent projects.

MYM 2019 Members:
Melanie Marin, Rachel Duze, Camille Goncalves, Joel Sanabria, Lola Simon, Anibel Vargas, Kathleen Yancan, Marilyn Cadena, Emily Villavicencio, and Dylan Salaun.

Instructor: Pam Reyes, assisted by David Bermudez

Wearable sculpture by Camille Goncalves, with exhibition copy of Isamu Noguchi’s backdrop for Martha Graham’s Wilderness Stair (Diversion of Angels), 1948 (fabricated 2019).