Isamu Noguchi, In Silence Walking, 1970. Grey Bardiglio marble sculpture.
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In Silence Walking

Bardiglio marble
One thing leads to another. Post-tensioning of discrete elements became an obsession in the conception as well as in the rationale of structure and execution. The fact that a piece could more easily be carved out of a single stone than out of several was of no importance compared to the validity that the division of parts into components and their assembly into a form to explain their derivation had. This approach seemed to return sculpture to original creation and not merely to an arbitrary form, which would have the appearance, the illusion of reality but would not be the real thing. In Silence Walking was the original sculpture of Bardiglio marble preceding the white statuary marble version, In Stillness Moving, which was its singular copy.
Original Noguchi Collection
Quotations by Isamu Noguchi from The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum (New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1987), unless otherwise noted.